Airbus Becomes First Air Transportation Member of Hyperledger Project

Hyperledger, a Linux Foundation open source project for advancing  blockchain technology, recently announced that Airbus has joined as a premier member of the project. As a Premier member, Airbus can actively contribute to the development of the project’s mission to create an enterprise grade, open source distributed ledger technology.

Airbus is the first member from the aviation and transportation industries to join Hyperledger, which indicates that corporations outside financial services are beginning to understand the disruptive capability of blockchain technology for their respective industries..

Airbus is not the first aviation industry firm to tap blockchain tech for developing innovative applications. In May, SITA, an IT solution provider for 90 percent of airlines, partnered with ShoCard to develop a passenger identity management app for airlines. The app combines facial recognition tech and blockchain-based data to streamline processing passengers at airports.

In addition to passenger identity management, the blockchain could have some interesting applications for the aviation industry, such as authenticating identity of aviation devices, tracking cargo on-board, and securing crucial data transmitted from aircraft systems.