Citi is Bullish on Blockchain and IoT

Citi Research's report titled 'Could The Bitcoin Blockchain Disrupt Payments?' gave arguably a lukewarm vision for bitcoin as a disruptor in traditional payments, however, in IoT, Citi appears to be far more bullish:

"True innovation can be facilitated thanks to the combination of an open network with other emerging technologies – Groundbreaking innovations have often come from not one but many different technologies coming together. We believe an open network like Bitcoin combined with mobile, machine learning, big data and the Internet of Things has the potential to create radically new models. A decentralized payment system is likely a key technological innovation that will enable new ways for machines and computers to interact with each other. The possibilities offered by programmable money and the use of distributed networks to offer on-demand computer power have the potential to bring a boost in efficiency by reducing machine idleness in exchange for fees."