News Recap: Week 1 March

Why CEOs must go big in digital (or go home)
"Self-driving cars, blockchain and Internet of Things, is likely to render many industries nearly unrecognizable within five years. Recognizing the pace of change and resulting disruption are accelerating, many CEOs are making technology more of a core competency after years of treating it as a commodity."

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CHAIN-FINANCE to Assess Potential Blockchain Disruption of Global Insurance Industry
"The mission of CHAIN-FINANCE is to examine and report how different blockchains and distributed ledger technologies can enable and disrupt the global financial services industry. CHAIN-FINANCE accomplishes this by providing intelligence and research on the development of blockchain technologies for financial services, as well as offering events that bring stakeholders together, inform about these new technologies, and encourage constructive discussions on their enhancement of financial services."

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This New York Project Fuses Energy Microgrids With Blockchain Technology
"There’s an opportunity for them to evolve their business models to include blockchain. There is a whole spectrum of utilities, ones that are aggressive and see where the markets are going all the way to ones that are going to have to be regulated out of existence or regulated into new business models," says Orsini. "The progressive utilities that are looking at how this market is going to evolve are looking at how they are going to participate in a distributed energy economy—those are the ones that are going to be interested in something like this. This is an evolution of the utility market."

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