IBM Reveals Service Connecting Watson IoT Systems Data to Blockchain

IBM this week revealed a USD200 million investment in the new global headquarters for its Watson IoT business in Munich as well as new IoT capabilities that utilize the IBM blockchain fabric. With new clients and partnerships, IBM plans to use its Watson IoT technologies to draw insights from billions of sensors embedded in machines, cars, drones, ball bearings, equipment and hospitals.

IBM's new blockchain+IoT service connects IoT systems data to a blockchain through the IBM Watson IoT platform. Customers may share IoT data in a secure, private blockchain to reduce the costs and complexities of doing business across a network of people and goods. IBM reports that the capability is fully integrated into the IBM blockchain , which is also being developed at the Linux Foundation's Hyperledger Project..

Finnish economic development firm, Kouvola Innovation (Kinno), is using the IBM Watson IoT Platform to connect devices to a blockchain. Using the technology, Kinno is reportedly developing a solution that tracks, monitors, and reports on container status and location, as well optimizes packing and transfer of shipments through shipping lanes.