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CoT is accepting applications from Corporations interested in how blockchain technology can provide a better security/ interoperable fabric for Internet of Things.   researching use-cases with  membership from parties with vested interests in the security of the IoT frontier. Chain of Things (CoT) will investigate whether and how blockchain technology can be effective in establishing security within IoT. If a role for blockchain is indeed identified, the CoT Think Tank will test the feasibility of all potential blockchain security applicat ions within IoT. This will be done on a global scale through empirical research, bounties, and live testing environments through the organization of events/competitions. After research and testing we will report on results to members. If blockchain technology is deemed feasible, we will suggest a roadmap to build open standard/protocols for the industry to adopt and the establishment of the Blockchain IoT Foundation (BIOT) to construct.

Our core team consists of Adam Vaziri (blockchain lawyer), Conor Colwell (macro insight), Doug Irwin (IoT hardware manufacturer), and Dr. Hans Lombardo (IoT and blockchain technology researcher and journalist). Our advisors are David Sønstebø (co-founder of IoTA) Vitalik Buterin (Founder and Lead Project manager of Ethereum) and Alex Tapscott (author of Blockchain Revolution).

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