Maru (coming soon)

A Full Stack Platform for Brand New Applications.

Chain of Things is developing Maru. Maru is a (basic, custom or layer) software and hardware platform that will embrace open standards of blockchain based device identity, security, and interoperability. CoT will use this platform to engage interested parties and use the (basic) Maru blockchain+IoT device to quickly and thoroughly conduct Case Study+Proof of Concept tests to illustrate potential commercial solutions. Depending on client needs, these solutions can easily move from proof of concept to scalable Hardware as a Service deployments in basic, custom, or layered formats.

Maru (Basic)

Multipurpose blockchain+IoT device for general use and PoC testing.
Maru basic is a compact, wirelessly connected general use device that demonstrates the multiple applications possible with end to end IoT+blockchain architecture. Born with a blockchain based device ID, it will securely collect and report a variety of environmental sensor data points, allowing for specific use cases as well as experimentation and PoC testing. Maru will set a benchmark for the future of blockchain+IoT systems.

Maru (Custom)

Custom blockchain+IoT devices for specific applications.
Maru custom devices are application specific sensors based on the core Maru platform. Following the Case Study+PoC process, a fully custom sensor can be designed if the determined solution requires more specific functionality than the Maru basic can provide - this sensor can be deployed for clients across an entire industry vertical. These applications can originate from external clients, via internal R&D, or through Joint Venture partnerships.

Maru (Layers)

Individual Maru layers for flexible integration with legacy IoT systems.
Maru layers allows clients to choose à la carte from the stack to  fit their needs. While some may require a complete end to end solution, others may only re- quire a single segment to complement their preexisting infrastructure. This provides a  flexible solution for the needs of legacy industrials without competing with them directly or forcing them to discard and update their entire infrastructure.